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This week used to be one of my favorite weeks every year. Growing up, the week that included my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day was the time where I really wanted to make my dad feel special. I always wanted to come up with the best gift, make the most special creation, or find the perfect card including a sentimental message camouflaged by crude humor. It doesn’t sound like me, but it would have been right up his alley.

But now, this week is one of my worst. Ten years ago was the last birthday I had to share with him. It was the last Father’s Day where I didn’t feel awkward and out of place in the card aisle. I miss him every single day, some days more than others. But this week is always one of the worst.

I know he’s in a better place. I know he’s watching over me and I truly do see his crazy, fun spirit in my son. But I miss him, and I still don’t think it’s fair that he’s gone. And I think I’ll be happier when this week is over. The pain is still there. I’ll miss him forever.


Summer Bucket List


People always think that since teachers have “summers off,” we don’t do anything work related from May 31-August 15 each year.  We just go on vacations, lounge around the pool, and generally relax and have no responsibilities.

I’m here to tell you (although you may not believe me), that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Many of us still coach in the summers.  I do.  Many have second jobs (that extend into the school year as well).  I do.  Many of us take classes, attend conferences and seminars, and spend the summers revitalizing curriculum and coming up with new and exciting ideas for the next school year.  Yes, we spend some time vacationing or relaxing with our families and friends, but for the most part, we still work.

I often find myself going into the last few weeks of the school year with such a sense of hope.  It’s a stressful time of year, sure, but there is also the light at the end of the tunnel.  Summer is almost here.  And I start to formulate ideas of things I want to accomplish, places I want to see, experiences I want to have with Aidan.  This is going to be the summer where I work out and lose a bunch of weight, or the summer where I read all the books I wish I would have read in the past, or the summer where I become super mom and my kid not only eats everything on his plate, but uses his manners and is potty trained to boot.

Then August arrives and I’ve done a few things, but in between coaching and working and hanging out with my kiddo, my list is largely still sitting there, staring me in the face.

I don’t want that to happen this summer.  Before this summer “kicks the bucket,” there are a lot of things that I want to see, do, and experience.

*I want to read books.  Lots of them.  I’ve thought about setting a quantitative goal, like a book a week, but I don’t know if I can stick to that, especially considering that I have some longer reads on my nightstand.  So I’m going to try for roughly a book a week, but just keep reading all summer long.  Some books I want to read are novels, some are education related.

*I want Aidan to be potty trained.  This must happen.  I’m done with diapers.

*I want to visit the KC zoo, the Topeka zoo, LegoLand, SeaLife, Deanna Rose Farmstead, Schlitterbahn, and any other kid-friendly day outings in the area.  I want to go places and see things with him.  I sometimes worry about his behavior or demeanor in public (he often wants to just stay home) and I think the only way to improve that is to show him how cool not staying home can be!

*I want to learn to cook more kid-friendly things that he will eat.  Peanut Butter is now outlawed at his preschool, and I am truly at a loss for what to send in his lunch….he’s so picky.

*I want to start working out three times a week and doing yoga the other four days. I have got to get more physical activity into my routine.

*I want to drop at least 25 pounds.  I can do that (especially if I do the previous item).

*I want to implement a clear plan for paying off debt.  Like charts and whatever I need to know how I can start to tackle this monster that is looming over me.

*I want to write more.  Recently, I was talking (grumbling) about now knowing what to do next in my life, and a friend said, “why don’t you put that energy into your blog?” I think that is a wonderful idea, so that’s what I will do.

*I want to go into next school year with new ideas.  Not just the same things I have done every year.  I want to totally refresh my classroom and my curriculum with challenging content.

Some of these goals are personal, some are work related.  Some are more significant than others.  But they are all things that I want to look back on August 8 (when I report back to work….sigh) and feel good that I’ve accomplished them.

For me, this weekend is full of writing, working, and outings with Aidan.  It’s going to be a good one.