Monthly Archives: February 2013

Word of the Year


Since we‘ve just started are more than a month into the new year, I’ve decided it’s a safe enough time to start seriously thinking about my goals for 2013.  I’m notorious for overplanning; I always think I can/will get more done in an allotted time than is humanly possible.  It doesn’t help that I tend to procrastinate.  So as I started thinking about the things I’d like to do this year, I kept getting grand plans into my head and then having to pull myself back to reality.  And finally, five weeks in, the word that will shape the next 47 weeks of my life became oh-so-clear:


Intention.  Action.


That’s right:  ACTION.  Doing something.  No more intentions.  No more making good plans and not following through.  I do that because I overplan and I overcommit.  This year, it’s all about committing to the things I CAN do and getting them done.  Having the best of intentions does you no good if you don’t accomplish anything.  So here are things I can and will accomplish:


I’m not going to lose 50+ pounds this year (unless I cut off an appendage), but I can lose 25 or 30.

I’m not going to read a book a week this year, but I can read a book every month or two.

I’m not going to completely revamp the way I teach, but I can try new strategies and not let myself get complacent.

I’m not going to get completely out of debt, but I can pay off one credit card and make a concrete plan for the rest.

I’m not going to read the whole Bible (I tried that last year…gave up before Spring Break), but I can do more Bible Study and prayer and find small ways to deepen my relationship with Christ.

I’m not going to eliminate every negative thing I think about myself, but I can find positives in myself every day.

I’m not going to become the world’s most calm, patient, fun mother, but I can do more things purposefully, take more time for prayer, learn from other moms, and implement more positive things in my relationship with my son than I do currently.

I’m not going to become the next Pioneer Woman (love her, by the way) or write a book this year, but I can try to find ways to grow my blog and link up with other bloggers (I have no idea how to do this, but I follow and love so many of them).  And maybe start sketching an outline for a book…on a topic to be determined.

I’m not going to eliminate the urge to worry from my mind, but I can give that worry to God, because He’s got me.  He’s got this.  There is absolutely no reason to worry when I can just turn to Him and find all the answers I could ever need.


Last Wednesday, in the midst of a particularly trying week, during which I was rethinking my potential or ability to do anything with any level of success, this was the Daily Encouraging Word I received:

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again – my Savior and my God

~ Psalm 42:11, NLT

And that was really all I needed to know.  I can’t do everything.  I can’t live on good intentions alone.  But I can live on faith in God and on my actions.  I can do something.  And I think that as 2013 draws to a close, I will feel a whole lot better looking back on the small, attainable goals I accomplished rather than the grand plans that never came to fruition.  And through these actions, I can find ways to grow my relationship with Christ, with the people I love, and with the world around me.

I couldn’t think of many better uses for the next year of my life.